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Community Builders' Paradise is designed to help you take your marketing and community-building efforts to the next level! 

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Do you have an online business, membership or course?

Then you know the joys with challenges! 

45% of companies don't have a clearly defined marketing strategy.

92% of marketing professionals say online communities impact their business.

76% of internet users participate in online communities.

Does this sound familiar?

You're suffering from TMIS aka Too Many Ideas Syndrome
You regularly feel overwhelmed with so many ideas! You wish you had help figuring out how to make an idea or marketing strategy work for YOUR community!
Your community isn't the "perfect spot" you thought it would be!
You've "tried" to make it better, but you are out of ideas. You want proven strategies and tactics customized for YOUR community!
Your community & client experience needs a serious upgrade
You're sharing top-notch knowledge and your members and students love you! You want to make sure the experience matches, but you don't know where to start.

...that’s where Community Builders' Paradise Membership comes in.

As a member of¬†Community Builders' Paradise, we¬†focus on creating amazing community experiences by brainstorming and developing specific ideas and marketing campaigns to match YOUR community and business needs!ūü¶©¬†

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Imagine belonging to a membership that has:

The latest strategies and tactics for marketing and community building from someone who does it professionally {aka Deb} ‚ě°

Regular brainstorming sessions where you'll get individual attention for YOUR community and marketing questions

Actionable content and resources that are designed to create amazing experiences in your community

Access to a small, private community with other online business owners and community builders so you can engage and surround yourself with people doing the same thing you are

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Meet Deb Mitchell...

Hi there! I'm Deb... 
I show established membership owners, course creators, online business owners, and influencers how to grow and energize their communities, attract the right people to their offers, and WOW their members with amazing community experiences and relevant marketing campaigns. ūü¶©

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with international companies, brands, and businesses to create amazing customer experiences. I started Marketing WOW, Membership WOW, and my Community Builders' Paradise Membership after realizing my years of marketing experience, event design and management, community building, and customer experience management were really needed by online businesses and community builders.

My love of creative, out-of-the-box brainstorming and my talent for building processes and procedures makes me a great marketing guide!

I'm excited to share my secrets with you in Community Builders' Paradise!

What people are saying...

Here's what you get in Community Builders' Paradise

Weekly Community Chat Brainstorming Sessions where Deb answers YOUR questions

On-going accountability and connection

Opportunity to submit membership and marketing assets (landing pages, marketing materials, etc.) for feedback from Deb (a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience)

Content that takes your community experiences to the next level

Resources to add "WOW" to your community

A "community crew" that gets you in a small, private community filled with other community builders

A few surprises along the way!
$197 per month

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Wait, I've got questions...

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The Backstory...

I’ve been building community since I started Scraptalk way back in 1999 in the pre-social media days and have continued my community focus over the years including helping Social Media Examiner build their community for the world’s largest social media conference, Social Media Marketing World as the Networking Coordinator. (one year my team ran 19 different Facebook groups). Now I am serving as the Community Manager for Agorapulse, an international SaaS software company that has an awesome social media scheduling tool and an amazing community for social media managers called Social Media Pulse.

For the past few years I’ve been getting private messages from people who have reached out with questions like “Can you help me get my community more engaged?” or “I launched and only got 3 new people...I need ideas to find more people that need me.” or “Should I use Facebook groups or something else for my community?”

It's not uncommon for me to get tagged in groups when questions about building community come up. I was one of the first 500 people in the world to become a Facebook Certified Community Manager. I have even been hired by very successful membership owners and clients to run their communities.

The more questions I got like this, the more my wheels began turning. I envisioned and created a place where I could not only help people learn to build communities to support their businesses, memberships, and courses, but also take their existing communities and memberships to the next level.

I created Community Builders' Paradise last year to share actionable tips, creative resources and ideas that would add "WOW" to my member's communities.

One HUGE issue I've found over the years is so many people have specific questions surrounding community building and marketing, yet it's hard to find answers or people who even understand your struggles. Yes, there are groups with thousands and thousands of people talking about memberships and marketing BUT it's hard to be seen and heard. It's even harder to get YOUR exact question answered!

My favorite aspect of Community Builders' Paradise is our regular Brainstorming Community Chat Office Hours where you get to bring any questions and we'll chat about them. I LOVE business brainstorming and consider it one of my main superpowers!  Clients pay me over $200 per hour to brainstorm and find creative, out-of-the-box solutions for them so you’ll get a ton of value out of these Office Hours. The price of the membership is worth this alone...remember I've got over 25+ years of marketing experience and can't wait to chat with you!

When I launched Community Builders' Paradise with a small group of founding members last year we learned a ton!

Now I’m looking for some amazing people to join me again as we continue the journey!

Need ideas to change your community experience? I’ve got a Trello board packed with tons of ideas I can't wait to share!

Each brainstorming session gives you the opportunity to evaluate ideas, pinpoint what you love, customize them to fit your community, and implement your favorite aspects! Your members will love that you are upgrading your community!

We'll chat about strategies and tactics for marketing, onboarding, launching, growing your community, planning special events, picking the right swag, creating surprise and delight moments plus tons more!

It's not uncommon for someone to go from feeling stuck, unsure, and frustrated to excited, refreshed, and energized with a focused plan after one of our Community Chats. Deb be there to not only hold your hand and cheer you on, but dig deep and brainstorm out-of-the-box creative yet achievable ideas to move you forward! One of our Founding Members even called it a "Therapy Session!"

If you’re ready to stop WISHING your community experience was at a different level and instead want to WOW your community members, you’re in the right spot! 
Join Community Builders' Paradise now and together we’ll make this your reality.

Can't wait to help you add some WOW to your community!

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